Educational Programme.    |    Wide publicity of Govt.welfare scheme.    |    Programme on Tuberculosis Awareness.    |    Drug Eradication Programme.    |    Campaign against Child labour.    |    Awareness on Road Safety.    |    Skill Development Training Programme Under the Flagship of JSS.    |    Village Development Programme.    |    Residential Primary School For ST.    |    Training to the Handicapped.    |   


Laxmi Narayan Seva Pratisthana (LNSP) mission is to "to help people to help themselves, for change and holistic development so as to reduce and eliminate hunger, deprivation, squalor, diseases, infirmity, ignorance, illiteracy, inequalities, violence, repression, natural calamities/ disasters in the context of Orissa state in India".
 Build Capacity : We strengthen the capacity of the poor and the marginalized.
 Provide helping hand : we help the people in their need.
 Friend and Guide : We become friend and guide of the people and show them the path of development.
 Provide links : We provide links between the government, people and others.
 Empower the people : We empower and enable the people generate income and live a healthy life.


Laxmi Narayan Seva Pratisthana (LNSP) vision is "to see an ideal civil society where prevalence of mutual cooperation and happiness, peace, prosperity, social justice, value based life and sustainability are the core-elements; and where the people are capable enough to develop inner resources, capacities and to manage all affairs for their sustainable development".

Core Values

 Concern for the children, poor and disadvantaged

 Respect for people's rights & human dignity


  Adaptive learning & innovation

  Good governance

 Networking & partnership.