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Residential Primary School For ST

This is an old Project of the organization which has been running since 1999 with the financial support of Govt. of India. The number of students of the school during the year was 100. This project is one of the prized projects of the organization.

Jan Sikshyan Sansthan (JSS)

This is the most important project implemented by the organization with the financial support of Govt. of India. It has been running since 2007-08. The implementation and achievement of the project has been appreciated by various authorities. During the year the following training programmes were taken up under the project.

Old Age Home

This project has been running with the financial support of the ministry of social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India. During the year, the home had 50 beneficiaries of 60 + age group. All the regular facilities as before were provided to the beneficiaries.

Short Stay Home

This programme has been running since last few years with the support of central social welfare Board. The home functioned smoothly and it had 30 beneficiaries during the year.

EDP Programme

KVIC has been supporting this programme. During the year EDP training was provided to 40 nos. of youths.

Village Library

This programme has been supported by Raja Ram Mohan Library Foundation. during the year was 42.The daily attendance of readers of the library, was 42 at an average.

Handicraft Programme

The organization organized a handicraft training programme at Dasarathpur in which training on various types of toy making was given to 20 nos. of unemployed poor girls.

Education For The Minority

2 nos. of education centres were organized by the organization for providing informal education to illiterate Muslim girls. In these two centres, such education was given to 32 nos. of adult Muslim girls.

Adult Education and VT for Rural Women

During the year, 120 nos. of rural uneducated women belonging to SC and OBC community were provided with basic education and vocational education in the trades of horticulture, mushroom cultivation and food processing.

Educational Complex for ST Girls

During the year, the complex had 100 students. In addition to basic formal education, the students were provided with training on dance and music. The complex functioned smoothly during the year.

Coaching Centre For Minority

During the year 36 nos. of students of the centre were qualified in Orissa JEE and other competitive examinations. During the year, 54 nos. of minority students were enrolled in the coaching centre. Coaching was provided free of cost to the minority students.

AIDs Awareness

A Seminar on AIDs was organized at Panikoili. In addition to that meetings, workshops and street plays were also organized at various places of Jajpur.

Awareness on Road Safety

Like every year, during the year 2011-12, the organization observed road safety week. During this week school students distributed leaf-lets to drivers and others.

Awareness programme on Consumer Right

During the year consumer clubs were organized at various places of Rasulpur Block. The members of such clubs were provided with awareness education on consumer rights.

Career Counseling Centre

In the Career Counseling Centre, counseling was given to the students on banking, military and hotel services. Such counseling was given to 182 students.

Tailoring Training for Women

In the tailoring training centre, tailoring training was given to 30 nos. SC and OBC women for 6 months, Some of them have already started income generation programme.

Training to the Handicapped

During the year, training on cane and bamboo work was given to 20 nos. of handicapped youths. Some financial assistance has been given to them also to start income generation programme.