Educational Programme.    |    Wide publicity of Govt.welfare scheme.    |    Programme on Tuberculosis Awareness.    |    Drug Eradication Programme.    |    Campaign against Child labour.    |    Awareness on Road Safety.    |    Skill Development Training Programme Under the Flagship of JSS.    |    Village Development Programme.    |    Residential Primary School For ST.    |    Training to the Handicapped.    |   


Our objectives are as follows.
 To work for upgrading the socio-economic condition of the poor and have-not.
 To develop the educational status of the people.
 o bring development in agriculture through application of science & technology.
 To provide vocational training to unemployed women, children and youth.
 To establish income generation units where the unemployed can work and become self reliant.
 To work for bringing good health for the people.
 To work for environmental protection and ecological balance.
 To work for preservation of Indian culture.
  To work for the development of SC, ST, and OBC and the rural poor.
 o initiate some action programme on adult education.


Laxmi Narayan Seva Pratisthana (LNSP) is striving "to excel as a resources center for sustainable Human Development and to provide relevant resources / inputs for ensuring sustainable growth and development of under privileged people towards building a desirable civil society in the state of Orissa".

Our Strength

The people of our project area, our dedicated staff members and our sincere volunteers are our strength.